Our Approach

The Berges Family Foundation is committed to making grants in a measurable, impactful way, and encourages others to give to the vitally important institutions that are creating a better tomorrow for St. Louisans.

An inch wide, a mile deep

We believe in giving “an inch wide, a mile deep” because we believe that is how real change happens. Our priorities are purposefully narrow because we understand that affecting community change is layered and complicated. It requires deep understanding of entrenched, systemic, and integrated issues, and timely action that is centered on meeting the needs of individuals and families.

We prioritize on-going learning

We aim to go beyond grantmaking and strive to serve as partners in community building work. Our goal is to learn with and from our grantees about challenges and opportunities on the ground, in our community.

We consistently assess the performance of our portfolio and make informed decisions about the allocation of resources to deliver impact. In doing so, we look across grants and organizations to identify common barriers that keep organizations from achieving desired results and see how we as a Foundation can help address these shared challenges.

We want to elevate and build

We want to elevate and build the capacity of organizations in which we make investments. Thus, when possible, we seek to leverage our limited resources by strategically investing in projects, programs and initiatives that have the potential to attract other funding sources – both private and public.

In order to effectively deliver impact, we recognize that organizations need different forms of investment at different stages of their growth and development. For that reason, the Berges Family Foundation makes grants for direct services/programs, capital and infrastructure, general operating, and capacity-building initiatives.