Giving Priorities

The Berges Family Foundation began in 2014 as a way to make a lasting, positive impact on the St. Louis community. The desire to see our city enriched grew as our philanthropy began to impact not only cultural arts and engagement, but youth empowerment, STEM preparedness, and support for our heroes – all important areas that change the lives of individuals and the future for everyone.

Empowering Youth and Strengthening Families

Providing a social safety net that protects, supports, and uplifts our most vulnerable children, and their families, is a priority for the Berges Family Foundation. We aim to address the needs of the most under resourced young people in our region who face educational, economic, social, emotional, and health barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. We aim to invest in solutions that strengthen families, build community support systems, and empower young people on a path to success.

Nurturing S.T.E.M. Futures

Recognizing that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will fuel the innovations that help us solve big challenges and drive our economy, the Berges Family Foundation is committed to developing strong, future-proof skills across generations of St. Louisans, especially those most underrepresented in STEM fields. By doing so, we can build a vibrant, local STEM economy and ensure that that all St. Louisans are prepared to access this bright future.

Our investments seek to nurture a continuum of STEM engagement across a lifetime – developing curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in our youngest learners, and building technical STEM skills that lead to career pathways for teens and adults.

Supporting Our Heroes

Our veterans and first responders – police, firefights, EMTs – put their lives on the line each and every day for our freedoms, our safety, and the care of our communities. For their service and sacrifices, the Berges Family Foundation aims to give back to them. By supplying our first responders with the tools, equipment, and training they need to succeed in their daily work and supporting our veterans through career transitions, new skill development, and health & wellness initiatives, the Berges Family Foundation strives to ensure that the unique needs of our hometown heroes are met.

Thriving St. Louis

We invest in arts, cultural, and civic-minded organizations that improve the quality of life for St. Louisans, lay the groundwork for prosperity, and connect our region through meaningful arts experiences. We believe in uniquely St. Louis-made institutions that define our city by working collaboratively, innovatively, and with community to create positive change. Our grants support organizations through two approaches:

  • Arts & Cultural Organizations – We want St. Louisans and its visitors to benefit from diverse, high-quality, and distinctive arts experiences and creative learning opportunities. We fund organizations that demonstrate excellence in the arts, create strong community connections, and enable arts learning for young people, with lasting and measurable impact.
  • Regional Initiatives – We support civic organizations, special initiatives, and transformative projects that drive St. Louis’ economic health and social well-being, with lasting generational impact.