Enriching Saint Louis

Encouraging Giving

Our Mission

The Berges Family Foundation supports the institutions and organizations that make Saint Louis a great place to live, visit, work, and invest. Our contributions help fund cultural engagement, STEM preparedness, youth empowerment, and support for our heroes and first responders.


Giving financial support to improve the quality of life through arts and education.


Exposing future leaders to an education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


Serving at-risk and under-resourced children with in-depth and impactful programs.

for Heroes

Funding job training, technology, equipment, and added resources for first responders and veterans.

Our Focus

Our focus areas interconnect to foster better lives for children, first responders, and the arts community – one individual at a time. Changing lives for those who reside within our St. Louis communities gives our great city a rich, bright, profitable future. We ensure that our funding goes to programs that ignite real depth of change.

Additionally, we do not solicit donations for our foundation – we want to encourage others to give to a cause that moves them to donate, volunteer, or help in any way they can. Even the smallest donation can make a big impact – your gift might be the last few dollars needed to change a life.

Our Beneficiaries

The Berges Family Foundation chooses our beneficiaries carefully. We support nonprofit organizations that have proven records and align with our goals – to give St. Louis and the world a positive foot forward and instill hope in the lives of those who may not have that hope. Changing lives is no small task – it takes all of us to do our small part to foster a positive future for children in need, veterans, first responders, and our cultural arts communities.

Success Stories

For many years, the Berges Family Foundation has been supporting St. Louis organizations, their workers and volunteers, and those they serve. We are filled with joy knowing that we are helping to change lives. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at a few of the success stories from our nonprofit partners and those they help to see how our support and yours makes a tremendous difference.


“We are very thankful to the Berges family for their gift which will enable us to improve outcomes for more children and families affected by autism.”

“The Berges family has been a tremendous supporter of the arts and Jazz St. Louis in particular. They showed their leadership by stepping forward and being one of the first to make an investment in our capital campaign and inspiring others to do the same.”

“Ranken Jordan is able to fulfill its dream of being able to provide more hope and more healing, thanks to the Berges family. The timing of the Berges family’s gift was during a make-or-break moment for our growth. Because of their support, we are so grateful that we are able to take in more children and young adults.”

“One of the best things the Berges Family Foundation and Jim and Cathy have done each year is organize a group of people whom they know to underwrite one of our mainstage productions.”

“Cathy Berges agreed to chair our gala in my first year here. It was beautiful and successful and I am eternally grateful.”

Jim & Cathy Berges:

“We give out of the desire to help every child and young adult have a hand up and the hope they need to create better lives for themselves and for those around them. Giving and service to others is an upward spiral and the full effects of that energy are vast.”

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your gift is! If it’s for a passion you have, give, and watch the difference your gifts make over time. I’ve always given to what matters to me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been lucky to be able to give a little more.”

— Cathy Berges