Berges Success Story:

The Mission Continues

Empowering Veterans & Children

The Mission Continues empowers veterans through personal growth, connectedness, and community impact, bringing together veterans and local organizations to create transformational change for communities and children in need in those communities.

“The window of opportunity to shape a healthy mindset for youth is crucial, that’s why our outreach is vital.”
— A.J. Thompson, St. Louis 2nd Platoon Leader

A Veteran’s Story

A.J. Thompson, St. Louis 2nd Platoon Leader shares the impact volunteering through The Mission Continues has had on him and his community.

“I’m A.J. Thompson, and I spent 10 years counseling juvenile delinquents for The State of Missouri, subsequently joining the US Air Force for 6 years, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

After returning to civilian life, connecting back to this passion of mine was important to me. My new mission was to use the skills I gained from the military to help these kids again. Serving and leading in this cause led me to collaborate with the staff of The Mission Continues to establish youth in the custody of the Missouri Division of Youth Services as the primary focus of the St. Louis 2nd Platoon through youth mentorship and education.

My fellow volunteers and I believe that empowerment can be one of the most effective strategies for providing young people with opportunities to become successful. Our youth need experiences that allow them to be powerful in a positive way, so encouraging them to give back through participation in service projects in their own communities is a great start.

I‘m beyond thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to as many communities as possible, alongside fellow veterans and civilians who are rooted in humanity by giving back to communities in need through empowerment of youth mentorship and development.

As I’ve participated in more programs with The Mission Continues, my wife (also a veteran) and I have made close friendships with other service-minded veterans from around the country. It’s truly uplifting and inspiring to know I have fellow veterans who are just as mission-driven as we are.”

Since 2017, The Berges Family Foundation has been an avid supporter of our operations and the impact of their support planted the seeds for the Boeing Employee Community Fund, Nestle, and Purina to join in supporting our work in St. Louis.

With the help of the Berges Family Foundation, our veterans in St. Louis and beyond are connecting with each other and community partners through a variety of individual and team-based programs to address local challenges and create sustainable long-term results for our city’s youth.

Launched between 2014 and 2015, St. Louis has two service platoons making an impact throughout the metro area. The St. Louis 1st Platoon is dedicated to early childhood education and community engagement in North St. Louis County. St. Louis 2nd Platoon is supporting health and wellness, education, and mentorship for youth in custody of the Missouri Division of Youth Services.

Combined, the two platoons represent:

  • Over 100 active veteran and non-veteran members.
  • Over 7,100 volunteer hours served as of June 2018.
  • 100 service and support projects completed as of June 2018.

Help Us Empower & Inspire

We are so very grateful for The Berges Family Foundation’s funding and enthused by the encouragement of other benefactors who have gotten involved in keeping our St. Louis operations moving forward. You can help us empower veterans and inspire future generations to serve with a financial gift to The Mission Continues. Your gift is backed by our commitment to financial transparency and accountability.